Ecoark Holdings, Inc.

Ecoark Holdings is a diversified holding company engaged in three primary business segments: Oil and Gas, Financial Services, and Food Freshness Management solutions.

At Ecoark Holdings we understand that large, mature markets can be inefficient where dominant companies dictate terms and ignore efficiency for the sake of predictable performance and stable market share. Shifts in market conditions and/or technology present opportunities for smaller, more nimble institutions that can address these inefficiencies for sizeable gains. Ecoark Holdings specializes in identifying discounted assets that address market inefficiencies and positions them for growth and financial success.

For instance, oil demand cratered due to the pandemic just as there was oversupply from competing regional sources. That market shift laid bare overleveraged middle- and small-size companies that had to shed assets at significant discounts. This market shift provided an opportunity to acquire discounted assets and improve their efficiency to deliver oil at a lower cost basis, profitable even at depressed prices. These assets also provide significant revenue upside on a market recovery, with a potential exit as large companies reconsolidate their production portfolio.

In the fresh food industry, retailers had become accustomed to significant farm-to-shelf food waste (average of 15%) by pricing the cost into the product. The dominant retailers felt little pressure until the market shifted to grocery discounters such as Aldi, Lidl, Amazon (Whole Foods) and Dollar General. At the same time, new technology enabled a cost-effective means to monitor and manage fresh food from the field to the store, reducing waste by more than 50%. Zest Labs is a market leader in reducing food waste with a breakthrough solution based upon many innovations including 72 issued US patents. Addressing the inefficiencies that lead to food waste is an industry game changer.

Management Team

Randy May

Chairman & CEO

As Chairman, Randy S. May leads a strong management team that is working to deliver Ecoark Holding, Inc.’s mission of sustainable solutions through its subsidiaries and strategic partners. Under his leadership, Ecoark has completed three strategic acquisitions since 2012. Mr. May is a 25-year retail and supply-chain veteran with extensive experience in marketing, operational, and executive roles. Prior to Ecoark, Mr. May held many roles with Walmart Stores, the world’s largest retailer, based in Bentonville, Arkansas. From 1998-2004, Mr. May served as Divisional Manager for half the United States for one of the company’s specialty divisions. There, he was responsible for all aspects of strategic planning, finance, and operations for more than 1,800 stores. He had complete P&L responsibility for more than $4.0 billion dollars of sales. Under Mr. May’s leadership, the business grew sales and market share in a highly competitive market.

Peter Mehring


Peter Mehring is the CEO and a co-founder of Zest Labs, and is also the President of  Ecoark Holdings and serves on its Board of Directors. He brings extensive experience in engineering, operations and general management at emerging companies and large enterprises. Peter has led the Zest Labs’ efforts in pioneering freshness management solutions for the cold supply chain. The company’s Zest Fresh solution improves food quality, reducing waste, and benefiting the environment by modernizing the food distribution and delivery system. He was formerly Vice President of the Mac hardware group at Apple Computer, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Echelon, and founder, General Manager and Vice President of R&D at UMAX. Peter has a BSEE from Tufts University and holds 17 US patents.

William B. Hoagland

Principal Financial Officer

Mr. Hoagland is Principal Financial Officer of the Company. Immediately prior to joining Ecoark, Inc. in 2019, Mr. Hoagland spent the previous eight years as Managing Member of Trend Discovery Capital Management (“Trend Discovery”), a hybrid hedge fund since inception with a track record of outperforming the S&P 500. Prior to founding Trend Discovery in 2011, Mr. Hoagland spent six years as a Senior Associate at Prudential Global Investment Management (PGIM), working in both PGIM’s Newark, NJ and London, England offices. He has a Bachelor in Economics degree from Bucknell University. Mr. Hoagland holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a Level III candidate in the Chartered Market Technician Program.

Jay Puchir

Principal Accounting Officer

Mr. Puchir is Principal Accounting Officer of the Company and the CEO and President of Banner Midstream Corp. Mr. Puchir is currently serving a dual role as the Chairman and CEO of Banner Energy Services Corp (OTC: BANM). Mr. Puchir has also served as the CEO and President of Banner Midstream Corp from its formation in April 2018 to present. Mr. Puchir served in various roles as an Executive at the Company from December 2016 to April 2018 including Director of Finance, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Puchir started his career as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers and a consultant at Ernst & Young, ultimately achieving the position of Senior Manager at Ernst & Young. Mr. Puchir held the role of Associate Chief Financial Officer with HCA, and from March 2010 to February 2016 he served as both the Accounting Manager and Director of Finance/Controller at The Citadel. Mr. Puchir is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Business Administration from Rutgers University.

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